Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Hahahaha! Did you think this was where I would say, "I'm done! I quit teaching!" 

NO WAY! I am just feeling so empowered and beyond excited about how things are going in first grade that I had to write about it right now! All because there are parts of my day where I have stopped teaching and started facilitating and my students and I are reaping the benefits. Yes, in first grade. I just had to take a few minutes and share this with you! 

On Sunday, I told you that my 'Mapping the World and Our Community' was a work in progress and that I would post the finished product. However, I realized that if I did that, I would miss out on showing you the whole PROCESS that it takes to create a HyperDoc without wasting that precious time that we all need more of. So, here is the link to what I have done so far. I will continue to post over the next few weeks to share the changing doc:

(So far, I have used and in this HyperDoc. I do not take any credit for the videos or the books that I have used.)

Here are some links to see what how the kids are doing (Please be kind, remember, they are doing this on their own and failing all over the place! That's where I come in!):

I have stopped the idea of sharing that 'perfect' finished HyperDoc with students and have started sharing only the beginning of it instead. I have done this for a few reasons:

1. I am hasty and assume that I know where the kids will go. Then I remember that they are 6 and I am not. 

2. As the kids are working, a lot of times I will think "Hey! This would be the perfect time to insert a slide for __ x __ !"  or "OMG! I know this is all about maps, but I could totally insert a slide about right and left or proper nouns here!" So I set a reminder and add it that day, after the kids are gone so they can work on it the next day. 

3. Sometimes, the direction I start to take them is way off and I don't realize it until I recheck the standards or see where kids are making mistakes and changes MUST be made now. So, I make them and let the students know. They are so flexible!

My HyperDocs have never been perfect. I know this. That's why when I share them, I force copy them so you can make them even better and fix my mistakes! 

I do BEG OF YOU.. please share them with me if/when you make improvements. I would love to see what you are having your kiddos do, so I can do what teachers do best... copy you! 

Burn on!

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  1. I LOVE this, Amber! I am getting ready to pilot 1:1 iPads and Google Classroom in kindergarten and am eager to learn. I love reading your blog/Twitter from a fellow Hoosier teacher. Thank you for helping me to realize that the finished product does not have to be perfect and should be theirs...they're only 5!

  2. Thank you and you're welcome, Kindergarten Whale Tales! It certainly is against what we have always tended to believe: be completely prepared and have everything all laid out and ready for them when they walk through the door. I have learned a lot about the power of not being completely sure how things are going to go over the last few years. Just go for it! Fail. Fix. Try again. Repeat!

  3. I love this and plan on adapting it next year in my classroom. Here is my question...Can your first graders read this? or do you facilitate it? I have made powerpoints for my kiddos but usually add my voice and have been afraid to try this with google docs without voice.

    1. Hi, Julie! Thanks for reaching out! AWESOME!!!
      Yes they CAN!
      Start slllloooow. Maybe only one or two directions per slide. Students are reading every word (some better than others) of our current HyperDocs and they have multi-step directions on them. Of course, with any class, you will have students you need to support more than others. Believe they can do it, and if they can't, show them HOW. Also, you will make mistakes. I promise. Every HyperDoc that I have done causes me to shake my head sometimes and say, "What was I thinking?" But the great part is, you get to teach the kids that when creating something, it is not always the best version the first or even the second time around.
      Email or comment back if you have any other questions! I'm happy to help in any way that I can. Burn on!