Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why Burned-In?

Hello, to all of you dare devils. You crazy, boundary-pushing, geeks who are ready to take on the world that is EDUCATION!! Like this wide-eyed, ambitious puppy, you know you shouldn't. You are aware of the stigma... unsure if you really CAN. You are fully aware that cupcakes aren't for dogs. But you are taking it and running for your life. WELCOME. We veterans are glad to have you on our side. So, eat your cupcake and enjoy it. There are more where that came from. 

I am Amber. I am deep into my 9th year of teaching elementary kiddos. I have taught 5th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders and am now back to basics in 1st. After leaving my last district for reasons I will go into in a future post, I learned a TON about the psychology of our chosen profession. I realized so much, in fact, that I knew that I had to share what I have discovered with YOU.

This blog is really a double dip for me. I want to document my constant revelations of how good I have it in my current position, but I also want to help you to understand that, although the media, your district, and even your administration and fellow teachers focus on the well-being of their students (as they should), they are consistently leaving out an imperative part of the equation when it comes to teaching and learning: the well-being of YOU. You deserve to be taken care of too.

At this point, my goals for this blog are as follows:
1. To mentor new teachers in my attempt to keep them BURNED-IN!
2. To help those who are BURNED-OUT to reignite that fire! I'm talking to you... yes YOU. I see  your eyes rolling...

Join me as I share with you that pivotal moment where I knew something needed to change in my career and the book that pushed me over the edge. And, NO. It was not a book about education. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter @burnedinteacher to read articles I have retweeted that are keeping me BURNED-IN or to see what's happening in my classroom! You may also email me at to tell me what you need to be the most on-fire, burned-in educator you can be. No panic-stricken, basic, or tear-soaked request is too small. This blog is here for YOU!