Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tid BiT: Reflect to See How Far You've Come

Take Time to Give Yourself a Little Credit

Normally, while I walk the dog, I listen to Podcasts or books on OverDrive.  Yesterday, however,  I happened to remember all of the voice recordings that I have created and thought to myself, "I should listen to those." 

As I scrolled through the long list of them (I typically record thoughts that I'm having while I drive or am walking/running) I realized that I started recording back in April of 2016, right before I started Burnedinteacher.com. I recorded all sorts of ideas. Some bad, some good. I listened to over a year's worth of voice recordings and was AMAZED!

What really struck me was how many of the ideas that I recorded, I actually followed through with! I have come a LONG way. While I've been sitting here, day after day, beating myself up about what I should have done or what I should have written or said, I was GROWING. I was CHANGING. I didn't even realize it until I took the time to reflect and give myself a little credit a whole year later.

Take time to reflect on where you were a year ago, five years ago, or even yesterday. How far have you really come? If you aren't proud of what you see, what are you going to do about it?  You have to be your own hero. YOU. No one else can change your life for you, but YOU. 

Burn on!

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